What value do you see in tools like the Facebook and Twitter ad tools where you can quickly determine a market?

  • Honestly, I think it is an awesome tool to use to grow any independent business.  Even though I did not know anything about the tool until the past assignments, I believe the tool is perfect for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Did your market size surprise you at all?

  • I was not surprised by my audience. Fresh food markets and fashion boutiques are quite popular in the Norman and Oklahoma City area.

Did doing a market analysis change your perspective on the appropriate messaging?

  • I’ve been to food markets and clothing boutiques in the past, so I already knew what to expect when creating the message for the market.

Effectiveness of a social media advertisement campaign? What is success?

  • I would evaluate effectiveness by the number of followers the sight has and the way sales/promotions are being advertised. I also would visit the store and evaluate the number of visitors that visit throughout the day. I would consider success when the social media site reaches about 50% of followers, as well as constant steady store visits from customers.

Affordances and limitations of social media design process?

  • I believe you have to be short and sweet to deliver a good message. Shorter advertisements are more noticeable because the message is clearer to the audience. An ad with a lot of writing and pictures would not attract a consumer, it will only distract. I think the exercises defiantly improves advertising skills.  The shorter and simple the message is, the better to understand.