Oh Lord.. (sign) Photoshop is one program that I am still getting used to. This assignment was pretty fun. I never have much time to have play and create with the software like I did with this assignment. For the assignment, I had to edit a photo to look like an Instagram filter. The photo I used was found at StockSnap.io. I LOVE dogs (as you can see haha) , so that is why I choose the photo below. Once I opened the file in Photoshop, I followed the tutorial to complete the assignment. Now that I know how to create a Instagram filter through Photoshop, I will be creating filters more often. Usually, I tend to follow directions well so to follow the tutorial and to create the new photo was not hard for me. What I found hard was finding the different tools because my Photoshop software was an older version.  Other than that, I thought my final project turned out pretty cool. (see below)

Normal Photo


Edited Photo